Bubble Bag
Order code - D7
Colour Ways
Functional Features

A little take-to-dinner bag, which is made up in crisp jaunty fabrics, in wool, or in silky fabrics. We also offer a novelty version, a Pixilated Puffin.

  • Crisp stripes
  • Red Wool
  • Tapestry geometric
  • Dark colour silky
  • Pastel colour silky
Suggested Embellishment: The Windsor looks great with a brooch on it, especially a brooch in a vintage style.

The bag is carried by hand, or on one’s wrist using the wide wrist strap.

Strap: -- Wide showy fabric wrist strap. This strap is a defining part of the design.

Bag Shape:-- The actual bag is a padded shallow crescent. This is twisted up to form a bubble shape, which is how the bag is carried. The floppy bow trim is as large as the bubble itself and provides the style’s appeal. 
Closure:-- Fabric loop to hold the bubble in shape. Bag is closed by a top-line zipper.
Size: w x h:-- 11 x 7 inch ... 28 x 18 cm when opened out
Lining:-- cotton fabric.
Pocket::-- : In lining: 2 inside