Sew Chic Changeable Tote Bag
Mix & Match in Sets of 2 Shells plus one Liner
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Colour Ways
Functional Features
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A Patchwork Tote Bag, which consists of an outer shell, with a sturdy inner liner that can be taken out and switched to another shell of a different color. Thus the owner can switch her handbag, without the time-consuming effort of reorganizing its contents.

A summer shoulder bag, made up in twelve colors of cottons, arranged in a 4-patch pattern The colors reflect a single theme in each bag. These themes are used to define the color-ways. The top strip (in stripes, checks, or graphic pattern) is also key to the color-way.

Colour Ways available to Mix & Match
  • Muted Blues (dark)
  • Muted Reds
  • Muted Yellows /Greens
  • Bright Reds
  • Black & White
  • Black/Greys, Red
  • Greens/Browns
  • Beiges/Earth/Rust
  • Purples/Mauve
  • Turquoise Blue-Greens

A Patchwork Shoulder Tote

Strap: --Pair of shoulder straps, wide 100% cotton webbing.
Bottom of bag is at hip level;  top-line is secure under one’s elbow.
Drop :-- 13” [ 33cm] 
Bag Shape:-- : A basic functional square. The bottom is reinforced with heavy plastic inside; the patchwork is interfaced and quilted for strength. The top band, also interfaced and quilted, is double padded, for comfort in handling. Each bag is embellished with a fringe, or beads that swing.
Closure:-- At the top-line, two pairs of magnet snaps
Size w x h x d: 15 x 13 x 4 inch ... 38 x 33 x 10 cm
Lining: A coordinated color, good quality cotton.
Pocket::-- 2 media pockets, plus a cheque book pocket and pen pocket on the other side.