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Watercolour Red Winged BlackbirdWatercolour
Redwinged Blackbird
Pixilated Puffin Design only has dealings at wholesale with businesses that have sent in the 'Wholesale Account Form" and have received a wholesale account number.
Front of Order Form for PRINT / FAX  Back of Order Form for PRINT / FAX 
We are offering discounted Mixed Bag Orders ready for display. These include a free Puffin Bag, display signage, laminated hang tags,and suggested or included wire display cubes.. For Details

Pixilated Puffin Design is a fiber art studio.
Currently we offer over forty styles of handbags for sale at wholesale. We make many bags in a style but each is a 'unique piece of art'.
The unique aspect of our creations is accomplished by the designer's choice of fabrics and trim combinations, in some styles the handles may differ.
Even though we have to keep sourcing different materials we never let the quality suffer.

Handbag Styles

For wholesale, ordering is accomplished by choosing a style and then selecting one of the colour-ways offered in that style. Each bag in a Style's colour-way is unique.
logo puffin head Selection Chart of Handbag Styles for 2009.logo puffin head

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